Things you’re wrong about. Tom Brady Edition.

Some of you haters don’t love Tom Brady.  Let’s talk about why you’re wrong.


Nick loves Tom Brady.  Nick’s dad is from New England and so Nick is firmly invested in all things New England, such as The Patriots, The Bruins, The Red Sox, and also lobster rolls.  And Nick’s love for Tom Brady is such a shining beacon in our relationship that I have learned to love him too.  I’ve often thought if Nick, Tom Brady and I were on a sinking ship, that Nick would save Tom Brady.  He would yell “Sorry honey!  I think he’s got another Super Bowl left in him!” as I slid under water.  Nick carries a Tom Brady lunch box.  No.  It’s not what you are thinking.  It is a lunch box with a picture of Brady throwing a football on it.  It’s one of the great romances of our time right behind Brad and Angelina.

But Nick’s impeccable taste should not be the only reason you are wrong about hating The Brady.  First off, just accept it.  The man is really ridiculously good looking.  That’s what won me over.  Short hair, long hair, beard, it don’t matter.  The man’s attractive.

“Oh I hate Tom Brady, he’s married to the most famous supermodel in the world!”  Uh, picture this haters.  Richest, most attractive women in the world says, “I want to have your babies”  You say “No”  Are you kidding me?  You don’t say no.  Think it through.

Some of you think he’s a cry baby.  I call that “Man-tensity”  Maybe Tom Brady just likes to win.  If a man can’t get emotional about football, what else is there?

I think if you hate Tom, you’re secretly sad he’s not your  QB.  Because if he was you would have the best Quarterback in the league who is also the most attractive.  And you would love him.  Just like me.

Nick and Tom and Gisele and I are going to be best friends and Gisele and I are going to get manicures and while simultaneously breastfeeding.  Having babies is glamorous.

There are about a thousand million more reasons why Tom doesn’t suck, as some of you will assert during this play off season.  But I’m not an ESPN analyst, I’m just a mom who blogs a blog.  Let Owen convince you.  #indoctrinatethemyoung



2 thoughts on “Things you’re wrong about. Tom Brady Edition.

  1. Of all the things that made me laugh about this, the best was the image of Nick saving a Tom Brady from a sinking ship whilst shouting “sorry honey.” Probably because I’m a horrible person. But mostly because you struck a nerve. Why can’t I have a good QB on a good team so I can like him too? Why?!

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