toddler tuesday. scared edition.

Owen is entering the irrational fear zone of toddlerhood that comes right around the time their imagination blossoms. Before he may have just been afraid of spiders and a piece of grass that attached itself to his pants, but those were solid. Now Owen is scared of … scarecrows. I know right? We watched the Curious George Halloween movie, oh about, 12,000 times. One of it’s headliners is “No-noggin” the scarecrow with no head who knocks people’s hats off. As it turns out, and this is a SPOILER ALERT, it’s really the squirrel knocking people’s hats off to store nuts in. So, “No-noggin” is non-threat as he is not real. Throughout the entire fall season Owen did not speak of scarecrows and, like I mentioned, requested we watch Curious George every day.
Then we went to see the lights at the Botanical Gardens, and they had a scarecrow. Owen frightfully declared that this was “No-Noggin” and he wanted nothing to do with him. He casually mentions how scary scarecrows are often and must have two night lights. He’s also scared of dinosaurs.
It’s too bad Owen is scared, I’ve been a scaredy cat my whole life, so I get it. Maisy Jo? That girl is not going to be afraid of anything. If a scarecrow came up to her she would punch it right in the face.

So, what’s your toddler scared of?


7 thoughts on “toddler tuesday. scared edition.

  1. Oh my goodness! A spent all of fall telling us that he was scared of scarecrows and that there were mean scarecrows saying mean things to him. I began to wonder if he was seeing things. Now I screen everything, even veggie tales, because he burst into tears when a character threw his teddy bear. “Mommy, what happened to the teddy bear? where is the teddy bear?!” thankfully, he hasn’t mentioned scarecrows in a few weeks. But we did go to a nature center the other day and the nighttime exhibit was full of “scary noises” and apparently that is all he remembers from the trip.

  2. KL is scared of My Little Pony. But I can’t blame her much. It can get a tad intense.She and Russ both LOVED the halloween George though! Oh my gosh. obsessed. I can quote it.

  3. Oh my goodness!! The No-noggin fear is alive and well in our home. Curious George is suppose to be one of those safe no nightmare inducing cartoons! At night before bed we must pray that we are protected from No-Noggin and The Pale Green Pants. The Pale Green Pants are a main character in a glow in the dark book i mistakenly thought would be fun for Halloween time reading. ha.

  4. I can’t count the amount of times we watched curious george Halloween this fall… Probably right up until Christmas! Micah got extremely scared over a lady bug landing on him. He loves picking up worms but a lady bug? Death scream and hiding under the table crying 🙂

  5. One of my four-year-old twin boys recently woke us at 11:30 at night by banging his fist on our bed and telling us he had a spooky dream about a big ghost with green eyes. Then the next day, he and his brother were pretending to be ghosts. So I don’t know if he is scared of them or what. Pretty sure he doesn’t understand what a ghost is except that we (I) insisted on watching Muppets Christmas Carol this year. But those ghosts are funny, so…

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