Meyers Briggs like WHOA.

It’s hard to believe that I slugged through a Psychology minor and yet I didn’t take the Meyers-Briggs personality test.  But man, once I did, I went all out BANANAS for it.

I’m an ENFP.  I’m an extroverted introvert with absolutely no thought filtering abilities.  I’m flaky and funny and insecure.  A ton of charismatic dictators share my personality along with some writers and actors and also Ron Weasley.  (This explains why I love Ron so much, and also explains how obsessed with myself I am.)

Nick is an ISTJ, which is my complete opposite.  When searching for famous couples who share our types the only one I found was Spock and Captain Kirk.  When I relayed this information to Nick he simply responded “Kirk would be dead a thousand times over if it weren’t for Spock, so…”  And it’s true.  So if you’re ever wondering what Nick and I are like behind closed doors, it’s pretty much like this:

I feel nervous that you guys aren’t nerd enough to understand this reference.  Nick is the robot alien.  I’m the Kirk.

If you want to have your mind blown, go ahead to this site and find out your personality.  Then find out the personality of your spouse.  Then find out the personality of all of your family members, even if you have to hound them for weeks to take the test.  Then post your personality here in the comments because inquiring minds want to know.  (Spoiler Alert: It’s ME!)  Oh and don’t lie you lying liar.  It’s a personality test, not a judge and jury.


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