Sometimes I get nervous that people think that I hate having kids because I’m a complainer and a “make light of parenthood” kind of lady.  I don’t like doling out warm fuzzies.

The truth is parenthood is full of warm fuzzies, but man are they hard earned.  I want to tell people, well, nothing.  I don’t think any of us should tell any childless people anything.  Let this thing unfold as it will.  But if I HAD to tell them something it would be that parenthood is HARD, but it’s not bad.  Things that are hard can be good.  Parenthood is one of them.  You have to wade through some poop to get to a smile, and bodily restrain a convulsing toddler before you can hug it out.

Some other things that are hard, but good include Werthers Originals, Blow pops, working out, and sending out Christmas cards.



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