side eye.

You know how people with no children are constantly getting fed up with those of us who do?  You know, because we’re always blowing up their newsfeeds with pictures of our babies and our anniversaries and our pregnancy announcements?

Well, right back at ya.  Because I saw how you went out to dinner last night.  You just went.  You just said “hey, let’s go to dinner” and you curled your hair and out you went.  Then you checked in on Facebook.  Then you showed me how much fun it was.  And I was bitter, I’ll admit.  If I want to go out to dinner I either have to take tag alongs one and two and make sure chicken nuggs are on the menu OR I have to plan a week in advance and call the sitter and clean the house and buy a frozen pizza and make sure I have cash and try to get ready with the babies yelling and then the baby eats an entire bag of marshmallows while I curled my hair and when the babysitter arrives seems as if they are powered by nitrous oxide.

So, I’m just saying.  You suck too, just in a different way.


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