Names.  What’s in a name?  A rose by any other name… wait, this is not that kind of blog.

Military families are professional movers and name learners.  But we’re not great at name learning.  No one is.  Some of you are and you are making the rest of us look bad.  As if learning adult names wasn’t bad enough we get old and start meeting people with children and suddenly have 5 new names to learn!  But then… how do I know the names of all the Kardashians and the first dozen of the Duggar kids?  Come with me down this rabbit trail.  I dare you.

I look at my E! news app a lot.  I think that’s how I know so many useless celebrities names!  So let’s just hire a paparazzi guy at church to follow everyone around and then post it on the internet.  “Oh yeah, that’s Jen.  She was at Harris Teeter yesterday with her kids and she was wearing the most darling boots!”  And this could work really well I think for a few reasons.  One is that we all love to waste copious amounts of time on useless smart phone apps.  Also, C level people, like me for instance, would get some exposure, much like the A level people.

“Who is that couple in the communion line?”

“Oh them?  They’re new here.  I always see pictures of her trying to shield her face in the Chick Fil A drive thru”

Here’s what my picture will look like:

(that's Rose Byrne.  Why do I know that?)
(that’s Rose Byrne. Why do I know that?)

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