how to talk to other moms.

Internet troll moms and old ladies in grocery stores have ruined parenting for everyone.

Now before baring our souls we wonder who we are baring them too.  An organic mom, a mom who believes in spanking, one that thinks spanking should literally be against the law, an attachment parent, a mom who doesn’t own a tv, a mom who plays Disney Jr on a loop… It’s hard to know.  It seems like there are a lot of moms carrying around their opinions like double edged swords.

I’m here to say, that I think most of us aren’t.  We moms act as if our complaining, commiserating, and confessing condemns us in the eyes of other women, but to the right ones, it only further endears us- because what more do we want than to be looked upon and accepted fully?  To share struggles with and bare our true feelings?  It’s what we need and what we long for.

But beware the internet troll moms.  They’ve given birth to their opinions an they are very attached to them.  Avoid these women at all costs.  But seek out those who would tell you their children were stressing them out so much that they came to eating bacon on a loop while staring out of the window.  Or that their child also finger painted on the walls… with their poop.  Or that they caught a couple of roaches having a sword fight amidst the dirty dishes.  Be brave.  Be a mess.  I think it could work out for all of us.


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