first things first I’m the realist.

Keeping it real is never as easy as it appears.  I will admit it is easier for me, since I lack a filter.  However, sometimes I make a conscious choice to keep something real instead of being fake.  And that stinks.  I want you all to think that I can prepare healthy meals for my family with ease.  I don’t want you to know how many times we got McDonald’s this week because monopoly is back and because #drivethru.  As far as you’re concerned, this never happened, and my children only eat organic barley soup from Whole Foods.

In regards to my mom body, I wish that I actually had a great post mom body, but was hating on it only to fish for compliments.  If only.

I really want everyone to think that I’m good at decorating my house and dressing my body in fashionable clothes that hide my mom body.  To everyone who knew me when I wore manatee t-shirts and decorated with Jessica Simpson pictures, please forget those things at your earliest convenience and see who I am now.  I don’t want you to know that a roach came out of the couch last night.  In fact, I’d like to forget about that hairy incident altogether.

Thanks to everyone who ever posted a keeping it real picture on instagram or status on Facebook.  It starts to feel lonely, like I’m the only one continually blowing it.  I appreciate when you share your failures with me.  Then we can all wallow in our collective suck, together.



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