While I wouldn’t call it a girl crush, I definitely have something going on, somewhere in the feels region, for T. Swiz.  Could we call it admiration?  An acute sense of wanting to be her?  Profound respect?

If you’re not a kindred spirit here, let me fill you in on all the ways that Taylor Swift is surely the greatest female pop star of all time.

1.  Taylor Swift gives no effs, except when she does, then she tells herself she shouldn’t.  So say we all.

“And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate… and the fakers gonna fake fake fake fake fake.” Shake it off girl.

2. Swift instagrams pictures of cookies she baked with her girlfriends.  #sorelatable

3.  Well, she’s pretty.  And never trashy.  Thank you so much, from the prudes of the world everywhere, that you are never trashy.  Seriously Taylor.  Thank you.

4.  Let’s check out her street style.  Comments, believe it or not, from mom blogger/major fashionista Kaley.


She’s working a pink crop top set here.  Like every girl wants to do.  And so much side bang.  You could make a wish on those side bangs.


All I’m tryna say is this girl is wearing cat loafers.  And I mean that with the deepest respect.


The reason I like this look is because she is channeling a modern version of “Call the Midwife.”


At first you’re all like “Cool polka dot sweater” and then you’re like “There’s a cat in there!” and shoes with bows on them obviously.

I mean, this chick made a video of herself dancing badly, because people make fun of her dancing at awards shows.  And come on everyone, if we were international pop stars, would we NOT be rocking out at music awards shows??  She’s just keeping it all the reals.  And in some ways she does not keep it real, like how she always looks great on the street, but once again I say to you all… if you were an international pop star would you NOT look impeccable every time you got swarmed by the paparazzi?  I would want to look good.  So, I respect that Taylor.


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