toddler tuesday.

To all the people who told me that three was worse than two- my apologies for doubting you.  I’ve decided that three is worse simply because of the increased capabilities of the toddler to cause mayhem and destruction and the judicious way in which they use the word “no.”

Here’s some general toddler mayhem.

crayola- I cannot speak highly enough about the washability of your markers. #yougetme

It had to happen sometime.  Since this incident I’ve rounded up all markers and put them on top of the fridge.  BUT of course he knew some secret marker underground hangout, so he did color on the couch and rug a few days after this.


And this.  He had to sleep in my room for a nap, and found a chapstick… and rubbed it all over his body.  So, at least he’s moisturized.  My poor decorative sticks.  My poor, poor sticks.


So, if you too have a mischievous toddler, I post this meme in solidarity with you.  It’s not so bad.



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