my navy wife journey.

newport 049

Six years ago this September, Nick went to Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI.  We had been married for 3 measly months.  Boot camp itself was 3 months.  I was still very dependent on him.


We used to exchange sad handwritten letters that one day our children will find and think: “Is this a handwritten letter?  I thought that was a myth.  Was dad in WWII?!  They didn’t let dad use email at boot camp??  That’s cruel.”

I cried a lot then.  Now I only cry when watching “Call the Midwife”  (#allthefeels) I’m a completely different human than I was six years ago.  So sometimes I like to wax poetic on those days, and remember pale east coast Kaley.  #neverforget  The fragile, afraid of change, not willing to use Craigslist to find a rental on Ocean Beach Kaley.  Ugh.  Hindsight am I right??

OCS graduationpic monkey

OCS graduation 030
Ok, maybe not THAT different.




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