Toddler Tuesday. eats.

Dinner time with a toddler is a stereotype for a reason.  Because everything you have heard is true.  Unless you’ve heard that toddlers like to eat all of their dinner including vegetables and chicken.  Those are lies.


One food that always works is shredded cheese.  Owen won’t touch a block of cheese with a ten foot pole- but shredded?  Shredded cheese is toddler catnip.  The drawback is after feeding the baby and the toddler shredded cheese, one has a fairly accurate idea of what the clean up crew after Mardi Gras feels like.


When I present a meal to Owen that features any form of vegetable, I gleam with mom pride.  Then I remember Owen is thinking “Thank you for this meal that I have a 70% chance of rejecting.”    They may be skinny, but at least they’re cute!


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