eww feelings.

When a feelings vacuum gets pregnant it can make life difficult.  Usually it’s very easy for me to tampt those feelings right on down.  “See ya never feelings!  I hate you!”


Then, pregnancy.  My hormones just laugh softly to themselves while I try to wrangle the waves of emotion that I feel while watching a Doritos commercial, seeing a picture of a baby (or Lord help me, a baby kitten), or even while passing a chili dog stand.  And by your third pregnancy, gone are the days when you could threaten your husband with a knife if he bought the wrong cereal at the store.  There’s no excuse for weeping because the store is out of your favorite toilet paper.

Recently I’ve felt so emo that I had to listen to Switchfoot’s “Let that be enough.”  I’m more emo than 11 year old Harry looking into the Mirror of Erised.  Ugh.  Feelings.


“I really thought this restaurant would have onion rings”  


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