things owen broke.

To be fair, I’d like to preempt this post with this statement.  I love my kids.  They’re lovely and funny and cute.  We kiss and hug and dance.  Generally they are very well behaved, except for that one incident in the falafel house that we will never speak of.  However, the fatal flaw of babies and toddlers is that they give exactly zero effs about your treasured personal belongings.

“Mommy, you put a ceramic dish on a shelf less than five feet off the ground?  Challenge accepted!”

For the most part things get broken in my room because I refuse to fully baby proof it.  Owen, Maisy, and Twinky have broken so many things that this may become a recurring post on my blog.

as you can probably tell, this isn’t my jars first time being broken. Owen has inflicted many wounds upon it.

“Mommy, I throwed Molly’s ball.  Daddy ficks it?”


Let’s not forget about that time I put decorative sticks in a vase… that are all broken now and mixed in with broken earrings from my broken ceramic earring jar.

And writing this post reminded me that I’ve never had an original idea in my life.  Check out this site for more things kids have ruined.


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