3 kids.

Now that you all know the news, that I am pregnant, I bet you’re all wondering how.  Well, listen, I’m not going to get technical here, we’re all adults… but whenever someone gets pregnant the nosy L.M. Montgomery resident village busybody possesses my soul and I just want to know all the deets.  So, I’ll just interview myself as a spinster with an agenda.

Were you planning this pregnancy?

So… nope!  I had previously and very vocally declared to friends that I was done childbearing.

You do know how babies are made don’t you?

Don’t patronize me.  Here’s how this baby was made.

dress whites + open bar = baby!

Three kids huh?  Wow.

I know.  Daily I go from feeling overwhelmingly blessed by my creator to desperately thinking “Send Help!!!!!”

So, how far apart will each child be?

Owen and Maisy are 22 months apart.  Maisy and New baby Harry will be 21 months apart.  So, when Harry Potter is born, Owen will still be 3, Maisy will still be 1, and Harry will be 0.

When are you getting a mini van?

I’m not!  I can’t.  I don’t know why.  The same reason I can’t knuckle down and buy a bathing skort from Land’s End.  Currently we’re looking into giant gas guzzling SUV’s.  #environmentalism

To sum up my feelings:  I am scared, so very scared.  How do you get three kids across a parking lot alive?  Luckily my kids weigh effectively nothing, but still.  When do you sleep?  When do you watch New Girl?  How do you have enough spoons?  But I am excited.  I really like Owen and Maisy, excuse me for bragging but my kids are funny and cute.  So I assume this one will be at least one or the other.  And even if he’s not I’ll think he is.

And to all my girls struggling with infertility, I hope this post didn’t hurt your feelings in any way.  I know a lot of you would give anything to be scared of having three kids.  And that’s all I can say because I was never gifted with an ability to be sincere and comforting, but I feel things on the inside.




7 thoughts on “3 kids.

  1. Don’t let people give you grief about having three kids. It’s doable! In fact, I’ve heard it’s much easier to go from 2-3 kids than it is from 1-2. So you’ve already done the hard part! And as for getting three kids across the parking lot, I have two words… double stroller. 🙂

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