Well, it happened.  Nick knocked me up.  Again.  You heard right.  We’re on the crazy train to three kids-ville.  And I really wanted to tell you all in some original and mind blowing way.  But the truth is I have one out of ten toenails painted right now.  Just one.  So I don’t think I’m in a place where I can dress up as Juno and hand letter a beautiful chalkboard sign to tell you we’re expecting.  Because 3 kids.  Instead I’ll upload this picture of my uterus that I took with my iPhone.


There’s baby!  He’s cute isn’t he?  I’m calling him a boy because I really think he’s a boy.  That’s little Harry Potter.  See you in March Harry!

And now you know why there has been a definite increase in grammatical errors and decrease in the frequency of posting.

(And I’m 13 weeks.  Not the 11 weeks 3 days it says in the picture.)


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  1. Congrats!! That’s awesome! You two make cute babies so I personally think it’s a great choice 😉 I just visited Amanda’s new baby the other day and I have to say, she and Dustin make having three kiddos look good. Pretty sure you and Nick will be the same 🙂 excited for you!


    1. Haha oh goodness! Thanks Sarah, but it’s not ok to lie to Kaley just to make her feel better 😉
      You forgot to tell her that you had to help entertain the girls while I nursed James, helped me give them a bath AND put them to bed…all while baby J cried the entire time.
      It’s hard Kaley! BUT…they are a blessing and I love them all. I wouldn’t give any of them back ☺️

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