popular kids.

People love my kids.  That is to say, mostly older women and cashiers love it when I come through.  Here are the top four reasons people love my kids.

4.  They often wear cute hats.  People appreciate a cute hat.  It gives them something to talk about and deflects attention from you, the mom.  You really look like you have your shh together if your kid is rocking a hat.  It also helps hide the fact that you haven’t bathed them in days.

3.  Maisy is blonde.  People love that.  I don’t know why.  “Look!  A little toe head!”

2.  Blue eyes.  Both of em.  They have blue eyes and eyelashes for days.  People love this.  People also like to make the observation that they must get them from their dad, because I obviously don’t have blue eyes.  Then they look nervous because they were too busy looking at my freaky aryan children to notice that I have witch eyes, which they’ve now gazed into, and may momentarily turn into stone.

1.  I only have two children.  And one is a boy, the other a girl.  People can NOT get enough of that!  “You’ve got your boy and your girl!  It’s perfect!”  Truly it’s great to have a boy and a girl.  Two really fits with societies familial ideals.  They say “Two is expected, three is tolerated” and anything more is pushing you into Duggar territory.

I’m so sorry if you have more than two kids and goodness gracious if those children are all of the same sex.  Good luck.  People are gonna be sharing some thoughts.  With you.  Unless, like me, you can master the mean mug.  Then people will be scared to talk to you.  Good luck!

Click here to read about the one time an old lady did offer me unsolicited advice and I totally lost it.  She didn’t look to see if I had witch eyes.  Her mistake.

I’d love to hear some crazy things people have said to you in public!  Or even what your kids get complimented on the most.  Do they have thick gorgeous baby hair?  Or maybe they blow kisses at strangers.


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