You know what’s hard as a mom?  Giving yourself some credit.  For every time we think “I did a good job today” there are 50 other times we threw shade at our parenting.  It’s like “Yay!  Maisy knows an animal sound!” …. Wait, should Maisy know more animal sounds.  Did Owen know animal sounds at this age?  I cleaned too much today and ignored the kids.  But yesterday I didn’t clean.  Will the kids develop correctly if the house is a mess?  And so on and so on.

Today I say, we give ourselves a compliment.  Here’s mine:

I teach Owen things and give him lots of hugs.

I make Maisy take naps so her brain can develop correctly and so that she’s less grumpy.

All these things make me a good mom!

Give yourself a compliment in the comments!!


9 thoughts on “complimentary.

  1. love it. I play music for an with my kids. I also read them books. 🙂 I follow a rigorous skin regimen with russ that almost never allows me to leave my house. . . and I hold KL almost as often as she asks. I am a good mom.

  2. I live it up traveling right now so that when I do have kids, I’ll have tons of world experience to share with them!

    Also, I think you’re a super parent.

  3. I took my girls somewhere almost everyday this Summer while being super pregnant. I also read them books and give them lots of hugs and kisses!

  4. Ok. You challenged me to give myself a compliment. Here you go. Be careful what you wish for…

    I have stuck with homeschooling.

    We decided from Kindergarten to homeschool our kids. We have been through a flood, IBS, Gall Bladder removal, B-12 deficiency, Appendix removal, moving and selling a house…buying a house and moving, a father dying, a second father dying, living with a mother in law, unemployment for 18 months, and many other things that I can’t remember. I have stuck to it. Unbelievably. We haven’t always finished everything we’ve started but mostly we have. We haven’t always had a great attitude about learning but miraculously my kids are learning and possibly excelling.

    I just realized this morning what a miracle it is that I didn’t just throw up my hands and put my kids in school. I made a commitment when my son was 5 and I have stuck with it. Wow! We have three years to go and then off to college. It’s an amazing validation of God’s provision in my life personally.

    **Disclaimer** Just because I chose to homeschool does not mean that I think everyone should homeschool. Each family has to decide for itself what school option is best for each child they’ve been given. It’s not for me to judge or to dictate what you do with your kids. No where in the Bible does it say Thou Shalt Home School.

    Aunt Marty

  5. I sit on the floor and play with my kids even when my house needs to be cleaned.
    You are right… It was way easier to think of all the things i do “wrong”.

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