Owen, Maisy, and I took the opportunity to go hang out at the Children’s park in the Botanical Gardens.  It was hot, so hot, and I felt that if left in the house alone with them for one more minute I’d go all “NO WIRE HANGERS!!!” on them.  So to the park we went.


 So there I am, watching two children 3 and under around water, which is kind of hard.  On the side of the splash pad they have a table for crafts.  I look down at Maisy.  I look back up at Owen.  He’s gone.  He’s at the craft table.  He found a marker.  At the splash pad.  Owen found a marker at the splash pad.  I grab Maisy and run for Owen.  I am too late.


There weren’t too many witnesses because school is back in session.  But since I pulled out the ole cell phone to capture Owen’s crimes, I thought I had better let him make the actual craft now.  I watch Dexter.  I know about cover stories.  So, we made this presh butterfly on a stick.


He carried it around all day and then took it to the zoo with him, but when I let him take it for his nap he chewed it up and spit it out.  Literally.  Because toddlers.  That’s why.

Oh, and Maisy too.



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