toddler tuesday, diva.


I know, just gazing at the word can evoke a myriad of emotions.  Recently I’ve come to think of my toddler as a mini VH1 Diva.  I’m sure you’ve heard of celebrity back stage demands.  Beyonce wants room temperature water and Earl Grey tea.  Mariah needs crystallized pineapple and ruby slippers.  Britney wants chicken wings and pizza.  And heads are going to ROLL if you don’t have that dahlia scented candle burning when I walk in!!!

That’s basically Owen.

To go to bed Mommy must first match his PJ’s.  If I dare to put on the crab PJ shirt with the pirate dog bottoms- NO!  He’ll cry until I can find a matching pair.  Then we must get a drink.  From the pink cup.  Then we must read not one, but two books.  I’m sure he’d go for more, but I put my foot down at two.  Then we pray.  But first he has to have his head laying on his Thomas pillow pet.  And mommy must tuck in the Mickey blanket just so.  Mommy must surround Owen with Lion, Camel, Bark the dog, Curious George, that weird turtle, and a matchbox car.  Then Mommy must kiss all of the above.  Furthermore, Mommy must make sure all of the blinds are closed all the way.  ALL THE WAY.  Then Owen talks to Mommy at the door until she makes him say good night.

Sometimes Owen has random fits of diva, like when we’re riding in the car and he took off his shoes, but it turns out he really wants them on.  So he breaks into hysterics until his shoes are put on.  Once the shoes are on?  Perfectly calm.  Sometimes I like to imagine he’s crying in auto tune.

What about you?  Got any toddler diva moments?


One thought on “toddler tuesday, diva.

  1. Toddler diva, bipolar, just plain crazy and then yet such sweetness and tender moments. I
    Micah has done the shoe thing or his cup. Lord help me! If you wanted it then why did you throw it?!

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