Nickel Creek at Ntelos Wireless Pavilion.

Y’all know that I went to see Nickel Creek at the 9:30 Club a few months back.  Well, then they came to Portsmouth, which is about ten minutes away from my house.  So, I obviously had to go.  And we did.



If you haven’t gotten their new album yet, you should.

Guys, there was a weird vibe at this concert.  At the 9:30 Club there were hipsters galore.  Here in Portsmouth I saw nary a deep V on a man and while I did see a few fedoras, they were worn non ironically… so they don’t count.  It’s too bad, because all those hipsters in DC made me feel like fangirling over Nickel Creek made me hella cool… but then this crowd of middle aged men and women really killed my vibe.  I always assume that the members of Nickel Creek are not reading my blog, which I feel like is a pretty safe assumption to make, but if they are indeed reading the blog, don’t let Portsmouth get you down.

Also, I’d like to address drunk bluegrass fans.  There were a lot of yellers at this concert, yelling drunk things about bluegrass.  And drunk white bluegrass dancing is… well, it’s a thing.  One woman, who was not drunk, but who did have some sick moves, really caught my attention.  Unfortunately the lighting thwarted all my attempts to capture her dancing and publish it on the internet.  It looked a little something like this:



In my previously aforementioned blog about seeing NC, I also mentioned my friend, little Stevie Nicks.  I wondered if she was there, and I would have really preferred toe tapping next to her instead of the increasingly drunk guy next to me who smelled like axe body spray and whose clapping was getting borderline dangerous for all involved.  Then Nickel Creek played a Fleetwood Mac song- which was ah-mazing, and I really missed little Stevie Nicks.

And finally, this venue was much bigger than before, so no chance to meet up with Sean Watkins.  We had prime center stage seats, but still I did not feel he got a chance to see me.  Oh my gosh how weird am I?!  #theresalwaysnexttime


2 thoughts on “Nickel Creek at Ntelos Wireless Pavilion.

  1. You got to go to a concert!?! On a weeknight!?! All of the good shows are always in places like Portsmouth, Norfolk, or Charlottesville on work nights and since the going rate for a babysitter in this town is $10 per hour (seriously, I have a degree from a private four year college and barely made that much), we’ll probably see a concert when my kids are at their own fancy universities.
    Mandy Moore’s #2 fan, after you, of course.

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