throwback thursday.

I’m guilty of loving Mandy Moore and guiltier of owning her best hits album.  On my 6 hour, miserable, rainy, overturned tractor trailer drive home on 95, this song came on the shuffle.

Is there hidden meaning in this song?  I really thought that it was just about a guy literally walking a girl home.  But the lyrics “Baby would you walk with me home, come with me now to a special land?”  I mean, home is special certainly.  Yeah, I can’t tell if it’s bad metaphor-ing or nuanced pre teen innuendo.  “Walk me home… wink wink”

Furthermore, this got me thinking about the male star in the video who is none other than that guy who was in So Weird on Disney Channel when we were mere pre teens.  Upon further googling I found out some things.  The things are as follows:  He was a major hottie on Disney Channel.  He is Blake Lively’s brother.  This music video was the biggest thing he ever did, besides some movie with Sylvester Stallone.


(I would never hold hands with my brother btw)

Did anyone else remember So Weird?  I loved that show.



2 thoughts on “throwback thursday.

  1. I’m posting anonymously because I can’t risk anyone finding out, but I LOVE Mandy Moore’s coverage album. It’s really good!

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