baby loves.

my own babies.

When I was growing up, I didn’t love babies.  I was never asked to babysit and that did not make me sad.  Babies were… fine.  But they were out of my league.

Now I have my own babies.  I know about babies.  I have learned functional skills to keep them alive, and bounce them to make them happy.  I know about supporting their heads and how very, very long it takes to incubate them in a womb then expel them into the cold, dark world.  I know about nipple chapping and after birth.

I know things.

So, I love babies.  So much.  Everyone’s baby.  Seriously.  Everyone’s baby I love.  My friend from high school I haven’t spoken to in 10 years?  Slap a like on that baby picture.  My fellow moms from college?  Giddy when I see those baby faces.  Like.  Like.  Like.  Comment, comment, comment.  Babies are precious and adorable and lovable and cute and squishy.  I love them.  Even sometimes I don’t like or comment on a baby picture because I’m sure that I seem like a psycho stalker mom who never gets off her phone.  But I liked it in my head. There’s no stopping me.

If I’ve blown up your social media about your cute baby(ies) I don’t care.  I won’t apologize.  Keep having babies too.  Have like 8 babies.

Good day.


One thought on “baby loves.

  1. I am glad I am not the only one who finds it necessary to ration likes to avoid the appearance of being a facebook junkie who is neglecting their job and/or children.

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