babies suck at sleep. turns out, so do toddlers.

Kids are terrible sleepers.  Babies are also terrible at sleep.  I have moderate to very good sleepers and I still think they suck at sleeping.  Just go to sleep!  Maisy often wakes up hungry at night.  That’s pretty straight forward because she’s in a crib.  I get up at my leisure, fix a bottle, go get her, feed her, put her back.

Once you take kids out of their cribs, this is when things start to get weird.  We leave Owen’s door open at night because I think I read somewhere that you shouldn’t lock a door at night?  Because fire?  ….???  Anyway, the door is open.

You’re sleeping soundly, likely snoring, when you turn to see this by the light of your cell phone:


GAH!  #harrypotterarmsbysides

As you settle your nerves you beckon them to get in the bed with you.  In your sleepy state this seems like the best idea.  Ha ha!  Naive sleepy reasoning!  You couldn’t be more wrong.  3 am’s gonna hit and you’ll be wishing you had the clarity to send him back to bed.

When other parents say you’ll never sleep through the night for the first four years (how many years does each subsequent child add?) I chose to brush it off as exaggeration and fear mongering.  But I think it’s true.  If both Owen and Maisy sleep through any given night, I wake up in the morning alarmed, like they were abducted in their sleep or they somehow got twisted up in the curtains.  #scarystuff

Maisy is teething so we’re having even more night time hang outs.  I think you’ll find there is a direct correlation between the quality of my blogging and the frequency in which my children wake up at night.  So, if there’s 12 typos and you didn’t laugh… blame my babies.


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