my b, that’s on me.


I know I haven’t posted very much this week, and that’s on me.  We moved last week!  Into Norfolk itself.  Because it’s not an actual dump as many would have you believe, it’s actually pretty nice and it has some fun stuff to do… and it cuts Nick’s commute in more than half.

This is the first chance I’ve gotten to unpack the computer.  Do you even know how hard it is to blog from a mobile device?  As if I don’t have enough typos already.  So, I’m back!  I’ve been suffering from a little bit of writer’s block since I made every blog post available on Facebook.  I never minded posting sub-par, boring, and sucky posts before, but now that I’m blitzing social media with them?  I feel nervous.  So, be prepared for some banal posting this week, I’ve decided I DON’T care whether the post stinks or not!  I’m posting it!  Bwaahahahaha.




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