mom bathing suits.


Right after I took this photo, I was discovered by Ford Models and my glamorous international modeling career began!


Okay, but really.  Before I had many babies, I wore skimpy bikinis.  Side boob?  Not worried about it.  I didn’t have a lot of real estate.  I had small perky boobs.  They were so great.

Meanwhile, I tried to wear a tankini with no underwire to the beach and the results were HORRIFYING!  HORRIFYING!!!!  So, I’m in the market for a mom bathing suit.  Spandex and my saggy kanga-pouch do not a dream team make.  So, loose fitting is a must.  I found these horrific creations on Lands End.  It was a weird feeling as looked at them.  My inner Regina George was like “These are so not fetch.”  I smirked and laughed.  But then my body was like “I don’t know Kaley, that could really work on your postpartum self”  My boobs were like “Hey, that one has underwire!” Then my thighs chimed in and pointed out the skirt.  “That could be really good for us Kaley.  Especially if that’s a skort.”

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Then my inner youth leader whispered in my ear and said “This one.”


Then I said- I draw the line at ice skating costumes as beach wear.  I’m not a strong swimmer.  I would die in that skirt.  I don’t think Jesus wanted me to take modesty to the point of drowning.


11 thoughts on “mom bathing suits.

    If I had 100 to spend I would buy the high waisted tankini. Seriously my friend has it and it looks awesome! The top comes to the upper thigh and it looks a little vintage. Super cute and flattering!

  2. Oh dear, I’ve been wearing Mom suits all this time! Ain’t nothing else going to cover this booty. Just accept it and move on; they are way more comfortable anyway.

  3. I actually kind of like the pink one :). But I also wear bikinis at 40 weeks pregnant and at 3,weeks postpartum.. But I hardly have any boobage…lol..

      1. Lol somehow this post came up on my newsfeed today… As I read it I didn’t realize it wasn’t a new post and looking at the bathing suits I thought “wow I really like the pink one!” Lol..then I saw my comment from last year..apparently my taste in bathing suits doesn’t change :). Did you ever find a comfy suit?

  4. I own #2 in teal, and I owned it before I had a baby. Don’t feel bad. Honestly, I prefer a one piece with board shorts, but this summer, with nursing, a tankini is probably the way to go.

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