When you tell your fellow Navy people that you are moving to Norfolk they often respond: “That dump?”  As if I was colluding with Nick to move our entire family to Detroit or the New York City from Will Smith’s I Am Legend.

People hate Norfolk in the Navy.  People have told me they’ve spent their entire career trying to stay out of Norfolk.  You know what I say to those people?  I say “Are you aware there are Naval bases in Mississippi?!”  (I get a sort of panic attack when I insult Mississippi on the internet on account of my friends who live in Mississippi.  We need a code word.  Like “I hate Mississippi”… then I say sweet tea and that means I’m sorry.  It means #sorrynotsorry, but also I didn’t want to hurt you.)

If you were wondering what my point is, here it is.  I love Norfolk.  I think it’s pretty and it has so much fun stuff for stay at home moms to do!  Here are some fun things we’ve done in and around Norfolk.

Mt. Trashmore Park in VA Beach.



The Virginia Zoo.


Harborfest in Downtown Norfolk.


Fireworks in Downtown Norfolk.

IMG_2256 IMG_2246

My own backyard.  (We couldn’t use ours in MS on account of the wasps, fire ants, and armadillo leprosy)  (and toads)  (and these really scary beetles that I still don’t know what they are)


The splash pad at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

IMG_1690 IMG_1832

The Children’s Museum in Portsmouth.  (I pronounce museum like this: mew-zam)


Trails in VA Beach.


And finally, Busch Gardens!

IMG_1894 IMG_1906


One thought on “norfolk.

  1. you have to remember that you lived in Diamondhead. I mean you basically isolated yourself from many amazing things that took place in Bay St. Louis. however, i am quite sure the weather in Norfolk is 1000 times better! 😉 glad you’re enjoying it so much!

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