I hold many unpopular view points.  They are as follows:

Beyonce.  Don’t love Beyonce.  This is a particularly dangerous viewpoint to have.  I do love Single Ladies and Destiny’s Child Beyonce, and even Maya Rudolph as Beyonce.  But I don’t love Sasha Fierce on a Cuban vacation.  What’s up with that?  Also, so sorry I couldn’t get that e accented.  I kind of feel like autocorrect should be on top of that.

America.  I love America.  It’s a pretty popular stance to hate it.  To hate Walmart Americans, to hate politics and politicians, to hate, well, pretty much everything about it.  Listen, I know it’s not perfect, but gosh darn it.  I LOVE AMERICA!  Why else would I follow around a Naval Officer for many years?  I love you America.  Don’t let the haters get you down.

Travel.  Oh man.  I hate traveling.  I’ve gotten to the point where I can travel in America with no anxiety, and even Canada.  But come on, what’s going to happen in Canada really?  Recently, I stopped a conversation in it’s tracks.  Two people bitten with the travel bug were discussing traveling to Guatemala.  And I was like “Really?  Why would you ever go there?” And that’s one reason people are annoyed by me.  To be fair to Guatemala, I for the life of me can’t figure out why people keep going to see the Grand Canyon.  “You can see it from space!”  Which brings me to my next point:

Space.  Ewww, just stop it already.  We get it.  Stars.  Black holes.  Mars.  Blech.  I really, really hope Jesus comes back before Earth gets itself into some sort of Wall-E, Battlestar Galactica, Oblivion situation and we have to abandon Earth and even (gasp!) America for space.  I was watching about this town in Oklahoma that mined lead and became inhabitable because of lead poisoning and sinkholes and even though the government was buying people out and they were getting cancer and lead learning disabilities, it took a giant tornado taking out 1/3 of the town for people to finally leave.  So, I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I don’t think people would just get on a space ship and leave Earth.

I guess I’m pretty much done telling you my unpopular viewpoints.  I understand if you hate me now.  I know you really love Beyonce.  If you’re really upset, take some time and watch this video to unwind and process.

“So let’s just leave it alone. Cus we can’t see eye to eye.  There ain’t no good guy.  There ain’t no bad guy.  There’s only you and me and we just disagree”


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