Toronto. Canada.

Nick and I have been planning to escape to Canada for his friend’s wedding for about a year.  We asked my parents to watch the kids, used his miles to book a flight, and I even weaned the baby.  I’ve been to Toronto before, on a missions trip, so I didn’t remember Toronto as overly fancy.  We were working to feed the homeless and sort clothes in a shelter… not exactly glamorous.  So I was surprised to see that Toronto, especially Downtown, was full of the fanciest people around.  FANCY.  The fanciest.

Let me take you through our trip, using iPhone photos I took.**

Firstly, the plane trip to Canada.  Nick and I luxuriated in the zero responsibilities we had.  “You mean we only have to get ourselves on this plane?  That’s it?  That I can do.”


We visited a candy shop.  No one cried when we left with no candy.


Then when we got to Canada, Nick had to watch the end of the USA world cup game before we hopped the bus to downtown.  I sat in a corner and finished reading the latest Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book.  (RECOMMEND.  STRONGLY.)


The next day Nick and I spent the morning exploring Downtown Toronto.  We saw the CN Tower.  We saw people repelling off the edge of said tower.  No thanks.  I didn’t even want to go up to the top of that mofo.

IMG_1996 IMG_1999

Then we had a fancy lunch at a restaurant that fancies up sandwiches amongst fancy businessmen and women in fancy suits.  It was delish. We took each other’s picture with our fancy food because, who are we kidding?  Right?

IMG_2001 IMG_2002

Then before the rehearsal we just sat and talked to each other at Starbuck’s.  I was like “Oh hey Nick, I remember that you are a person that I like, instead of a person who helps me change diapers.”  It was nice.  I took this picture of Nick talking, which makes me really happy.


Then we went to St. Mary’s Church and it was gorgeous and I felt really holy and I know why people built really elaborate church sanctuaries.  I kind of wish the Presbyterian’s did.  It felt really special.

IMG_2021 IMG_2015IMG_2027

And THEN we went to a Blue Jay’s game of which I watched exactly zero.  I would have watched if it was any team I cared anything about.  But I was tired and there were new fancy Toronto people to talk to- and also regular old American people I didn’t even know.  So I talked, much to the chagrin of everyone around me.  But I’ve never let that stop me yet!

IMG_2038 IMG_2046

Finally, it was wedding day.  Nick had brunch with Jon.  (Nick was a groomsman.)  Nick and Jon have a weird bromance.  Once I caught Jon tracing circles on Nick’s arm.  I mean, to each their own.


I met the guys at the church.  Danielle was GORGEOUS.  Outrageously so.  I got to look at Nick in his dress whites, which is a favorite past time of mine.

IMG_2058 IMG_2065

I got to ride in the party limo with the wedding party, which was an honor, and seriously so amazing.  Champagne, leather, no seat belts.  I mean, is this how the other half lives?!

IMG_2073 IMG_2071 IMG_2076 IMG_2079

Naturally, the bridesmaids were also gorgeous and their hair was to die for.  They all had elaborate braids incorporated into their up-do’s.  Oh to be married after Pinterest!  But I digress.  In order to earn my keep for the ride in the party limo I followed the bridal party around and took iPhone photos of the staged professional photos.  The wedding photographer sent her assistants instead of herself (ugh, as if!) so I also bossed her around a little.  I’d like to think I know a little about wedding photography, as every college roommate I’ve ever had has become a successful wedding photographer.  I just hope the girl knew how to take a decent photo, because I know nothing of that.

IMG_2092 IMG_2097 IMG_2100 IMG_2109 IMG_2202 IMG_2125

I realized that Marines are way more intense than Naval Officers.  I say this because their uniforms have many, many more buckles.  Also, while the Naval Officer’s sword says ‘Hey, nice to meet you, I’m dignified and full of tradition.’ the Marine Officer’s sword says ‘I’m probably going to kill you with this.’  or ‘I’ve been trained in sword fighting.’


When we got to the reception we realized none of us knew how to bustle Danielle’s dress.  Her mom had to jerry rig something up, but I really like the picture of all her maids trying to figure it out.  Also, her room had chocolate strawberries in it and I ate some.  I felt like Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend at the Oscars.  Honored to be there, hanging in the back, enjoying the perks.


Man I loved her centerpieces.  I schlepped many of the milk glass containers back to the hotel to keep, for they told me I could, and I love me some milk glass.  I also loved the flowers.  Because DUH, they looked like my wedding flowers.

Wedding 708
my wedding flowers- captured by my aforementioned profesh photog former college roomie
milk glass center piece. Grainy. Yellow. By not professional photographer.

Then there was an open bar and all my pictures start to look like this.  #rumandcoke

IMG_2139 IMG_2143


Nick and I danced until 1 am.  It was super duper fun.  So fun!!

We flew into Reagan and I tried to take this really artistic House of Cards Opening Credits photo.


I didn’t quite get it.


Maybe Nick and I will try to be alone for more than two hours once EVERY year.  We’ll see!

**I CAN’T and I WON’T apologize for the amount of selfies Nick and I took on this trip.  #YOLO!


4 thoughts on “Toronto. Canada.

  1. i can honestly say i read this post and was not jealous just soooooo happy for ya’ll. i mean what an amazing trip to take and ALONE. TOGETHER! And you never have to apologize for selfies in my opinion! LOL

    (ok, maybe i was a TAD jealous but hey i’m human. . )

    Now, start planning the next trip! It’ll give you something to dream about on the long days of being a solo parent when Nick’s gone. 🙂

  2. That trip looks SO FUN! I for one fully support the selfies. And I think my favorite is the corner of your eye one. Because that just looks like a good time.

  3. I am so jeal you got to keep all those milk glass containers. They are gorg. I might even ask to borrow them for my wedding. Also, your hair looked lovely as well; I envy it’s girth (it’s a compliment). And just so you are aware, I got bangs recently. I feel like the girl in Legally Blonde when I say that. I GOT BANGS!

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