photo 1-2

My Maisy Jo.  She’s tiny.  Apparently, she is the tiniest baby in America, based on the growth charts at the pediatrician’s office.  Well, almost.  She’s in the 5% for height and 0% for weight.  You might not know that based on her pictures.  She’s the average size of a 6 month old, yet she turns  One next week.  Also,  where did the year go??

 photo 2-4 photo 5

Maisy Jo is also loud.  Incredibly loud.  So loud that:

We’ll be in the store and Maisy will yell.  The dust will shake off of the rafters.  The shoppers will cringe and turn.  The shelves will tremble.  Then I’ll look around like “Who’s baby did that?  Certainly not this meek and mild baby that I’m pushing.  Strange…”  And then I giggle because Maisy Jo is hilarious and I love her.  She’s probably going to be on SNL.



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