dash about lunatic.

I can never just “be cool.”  Sometimes I go into social situations, start deep breathing and chanting in my head “Just be cool, Kaley, Just be cool.”  This does not apply to people I know.  To those people I simply show them “low energy” Kaley and almost flat line them into a coma of boring.  But newish people?  I perk right up into crazy.

So, does anyone else feel compelled to contradict things people say with sarcasm?  Let me give you an example and for this example please assume that my italicized font is the ever talked about “Sarcasm font”

“Oh, we never eat out.  Taking the kids to Chick-fil-a is a treat.”

Yeah, totally.  We NEVER eat out here either.”

Person looks confused.

“No, yeah we eat here all the time, I think the window lady knows my tag number.”

This is how I really wish a conversation could go.

“Oh, we never eat out.  Taking the kids to Chick-fil-a is a treat.”

“Oh wow, you must cook at home a lot, do you like cooking?”

See?  There I wasn’t a self-involved dash about lunatic.  I was a person trying to get to know another person.  Which is why I entitled my information page “Me and this, me and that”  That’s how some people respond to a situation.  “Oh yeah, me and this.  Me and that.”

I’m publicly challenging myself to get to know other people better.  I guess it’s just a military problem, wanting to be known so badly you just force it on people.  Did I just say I’m forcing myself on people?

Kaley out.


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