I salute you.

I think moms should read this blog post by another blogging mom.  Bloggity blog bloog bloogity blog blog.  <—  That made me laugh out loud.  I hope it made you laugh too.  If it didn’t maybe you need to read it out loud, because funny vowel alliteration is… well.. funny.  (Bloog pronounce blue-guh)  If that wasn’t the mother of all rabbit trails I don’t know what would be.  That could win a prize.  For serious.

Help is (not) a Four-Letter Word

The reason I am able to blog is because I deeply value staying up way too late at night.  Then I take the baby in the bed in the morning and refuse to get up until 7:30 am and then I doze off for ONESECOND and Maisy crashes to the floor because she has no self preservation and I feel like a crappy mom all day.  And that’s how I blog.


2 thoughts on “I salute you.

  1. So that might actually be one of the saddest blog posts I’ve ever read. Not because she said we shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help, because we shouldn’t. But all that stuff the nanny does? It’s sad that the nanny is doing it and not mom! If I’m paying for help, I’m paying for someone to do the dirty work for me so I can spend time with my kids, getting to know them and teaching them, and training them, and helping them love the Lord. I’d be paying for laundry help or cleaning help or grocery shopping help or cooking help. But I can’t pay for any of that, so I just accept that I can’t do it all and am immensely grateful that God allowed me to marry a man who doesn’t care if I do it all or not.

  2. And you do a lot, Kaley. Owen is smart and Maisy is happy and well adjusted and you have a beautifully decorated home and a blog that makes my day every time I read it, even if I’m reading what I’ve read before. Plus you sew and craft and go to the gym! Girl, I’m lucky if I get out of my pj’s these days.

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