Going to a public restroom is never a cake walk and a mobile (and curious) toddler does not an easy trip make.  Owen is interested in peeking under the stalls, touching the drains in the floor, or spooked by the hand dryers.

My friend sent me a picture of this.


I’ve never been lucky enough to experience a bathroom with one of these.  It’s a toddler immobilizer chair for the bathroom, courtesy of Einstein Bagels.  Congrats Einstein Bagels, I feel you’ve earned your title, because this little invention is a work of true genius!  It makes every other bathroom feel like a derelict Chinese public restroom with holes in the floor in place of toilets.

This is a major upgrade.  Attention everyone’s store:  Get these toddler chairs.  Because watching a toddler lick a floor drain is gross.


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