jessica and nick.


I love Jess and Nick.  I love New Girl.  But, uh, WHY did they break up??  It made no sense!  People stay together.  Why couldn’t they stay together, have a Pinterest wedding, and have grumpy faced babies with wide eyes?  Come on TV.  This isn’t 90210.  People can stay together.  I can’t take so many depressing TV shows.  Make me happy Fox comedy hour!!  If Mindy and Danny break up next season, I’m going to go to a dark place.


When I was telling my friend that Jess and Nick broke up he said “Didn’t that happen 7 years ago?”



Then it hit me.  The original Jess and Nick.  Not Jessica Day.  Nick Lachey.  The Newlyweds.



Thinking about it is still painful.  Stop hurting me Jess and Nick.  Just stop!  Oh my gosh.  I feel all the feelings.  I owned all the seasons on DVD, purchased lip gloss from J. Sims make up line and owned both of their CD’s.  I watched their variety show and I even bought a t-shirt at her concert.  I felt about Jess and Nick in college the way I felt about manatees in middle school.  I just really liked them.

And finally.  This.


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