vanity plates part deux.

Sometimes I can’t help but note some of the hundreds of vanity plates I see each week.  Some are puzzling and others humorous or disturbing.

RU SREUS.  I read that as “Are you Seuess?” because I used to teach 3rd grade, but it later occurred to me it’s “are you serious”  and yes.  I am pretty serious, thank you.

Spnz Web.  Spider enthusiast?

Thnzma.  Maybe this is coy, like, thanks a lot eczema!  Or they love Zima.  Thanks Zima!  I don’t know.  Interpreting vanity plates is a lot like high speed Wheel of Fortune.  “I’d like to buy a vowel Pat!”

Rsklbs.  Risky pounds?

2belive.  I believe I can fly.

Natalee.  I see Natalee at Chick-fil-a sometimes.

Nonax5.  Somethin times five.

Cubeez.  This sounds like a product on a late night infomercial.

Mrdr one.  I mean, Murder One?  Is this Dexter’s car?  If it’s not Murder One then.. how could that guy not realize it looked like Murder??

In You.  This one is especially gross.

Omnisia.  Your name?  Possibly an anime puzzle game based on a quick google search.  Maybe amnesia was taken, but you wanted it, and this sounded similar?  If so, do you often settle in life, this is your license plate you know.

Maybe you wouldn’t be wondering what the plates mean, as you are a well adjusted human being who doesn’t lose sleep wondering what Jay-Z and Solange’s elevator fight was about.  I envy you.  I mean, EYE NVU.


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