no one cares.

I know I’m confirming what for some of you is your worst fear.  It is this.  No one cares.  No one CARES!!

No one cares about your opinion, even though you published it on the internet.  This might come off as a little cavalier coming from a person who publishes an internet blog.  My goal, however, is humor.  Not opinion slinging.  I feel like this is coming off a little intense, so in order to bring it down a notch… boobs!  Okay, that’s better.

No one cares how you feel about parenting.  Seriously.

Shut up about attachment parenting.  We don’t care.  Nurse your baby until they’re 12- Live your life!  I DON’T CARE!!  If you do care?  It’s seriously time to reevaluate things.

Did you feed your child a twinkie once?  Good!  Who cares?

Do you only feed your child organic vegetables?  YOLO!  Again, I do not care.

Did you buy your baby a YOLO t-shirt?  I may question your taste level, but I give zero effs.

Everybody is Dr. Phil-ing it.  Your access to a computer does not an expert make.  Look what I just made.


Those are all lies.  A hot steaming pile of lie.

Don’t be a Dr. Phil.

This post was brought to you by Libertarianism.


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