grammar nazis.


What is happening here?  Why do you hate people who struggle with grammar so much- as if they made a conscientious effort to singularly offend you?  I read a lot, I know a lot of words.  Sometimes I type the wrong word.  I know, right?  Unforgivable.  I rely heavily on spell check.  So sue me.  Did I type the wrong your to you in a text message?  Let it slide.  Did someone write too instead of to on Facebook?  Take a breather.  Someone used literally to describe something that wasn’t literal?  World’s probably going to end.

To all the grammar nazi’s I say this: take a collective chill pill.  You’re not better than me because you spelled probably right on the first try.  (Or because you know where to put apostrophe’s.  apostrophes.  apostrophes’  The point is, you’re not better!!)


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