things you’re wrong about.

Well, prepare to be illuminated.  Ready?

John Mayer is the bomb.  I don’t care who you are, I bet you own a John Mayer album.  And he went and lived in the middle of nowhere in Montana for a year because he knew he was being a giant tool.  He did his time.  Time to realize that he is #2legit2quit.  If you don’t think so?  You’re wrong.

If you don’t like the Katy Perry song “Roar”?  You’re wrong.

Believe there is a finite number of throw pillows that belong on a couch?  You’re wrong.

Hate waffle fries?  Wrong.

Think reality TV is not legitimate entertainment?  Really wrong Bro Montana.

If you think shooties are a passing trend?  Well, you’re probably right about that one.

Until next time…


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