harry potter schema shift.

I really love Harry Potter.  For so many reasons.  Foreshadowing, whimsy, character development, Hagrid, Harry, dragons, friendship, castles, The Weasley’s, love, Dumbledore, house elves, and a million other things.


After I had Owen, however, my view of Harry changed.  Before I had Owen I always imagined what it would be like if I had to live under a cupboard under the stairs.  What if I was a wizard?  What if my Aunt and Uncle were terrible?  After children I find myself wondering, What if Nick and I died and Owen and Maisy were sent to live with the muggles?  What if they cried while they looked into the mirror of erised?

Nick and I are not currently defying a wizard of great power and questionable morals, so in that regard, it seems Owen and Maisy are still safe.


2 thoughts on “harry potter schema shift.

  1. There are many reasons why I like you, but this relating of Harry Potter to real life perhaps sums up the top reason the best.

  2. WAIT!.. We are not the Dursley sort of muggles. So if something ever happened to you and Nick and they came to live with family, we would totally tell them all about Hogwarts and all the magical stuff. Even dragons. Donita K Paul dragons, not mean dragons. And they could even have an itty bitty firebolt instead of a bike.

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