Nickel Creek. 9:30 Club.

Remember I told you Nickel Creek got back together?  Well, the show happened.  It did not disappoint.  If I could sum it up in hashtags, it would be #mindblown, #icandienow, #instanthipsterjustaddwater, and #totesmagoats.

As promised I began to take pictures at the beginning of my experience to see the degradation of my eye (from normal into crazy eye).  Here I am at the beginning, excited, but not too happy.


We show up at the 9:30 club at 7.  The doors open at 8 and there’s already a queue.  Which is great people watching.  I don’t know if DC is just full to the brim of hipsters, or if they just heard that a band was getting back together so they showed up.  Point is, last Nickel Creek show was a bunch of 40 year olds in mom jeans, and spotted at this concert was ironic eye wear and more than one monochromatic romper.  We got in and immediately headed for the stage.  We were about two people back and since I brought the tall mafia with me, I was able to keep my spot easily.  Between the opener and Nickel Creek I made friends with Young Stevie Nicks and we talked about our mutual love of Nickel Creek, which was good because when I was rocking out to “When in Rome” it wasn’t awkward when we inevitably bumped each other.  Here we are right before the show.  My eye is getting there.

nickel creek concert

Then they came out.  My upper lip started doing this weird twitching thing because I was so psyched.  I think it might be because my face is so unaccustomed to smiling.  Ear to ear y’all.  The whole time.  The crowd was crazy loud and excited, I was surrounded by kindred spirits.  “What do you do when surrounded by hipsters while wearing shooties?” I thought.  The answer?  Toe tap your heart out, that’s what.  I screamed, I cheered, I sang, I jigged, I felt awkward when Chris Thile did hip thrusts while playing the mandolin.  The girl in front of me was definitely hatin’ on me.  Then I almost cried when they played “This Side.”  They were the actual bomb.  Someone else who is the actual bomb is my best friend the professional photographer.  It doesn’t suck to bring her along to memorable life events.

nickelcreek IMG_1282

Here’s the one I took…

sean watkins selfie

Then, too soon, it was over.  Ben, Tara, Nick and I, and also our new friends Young Stevie Nicks and her husband, waited for the band to come out.  Finally, a Security guy came out and told us that no, they would not come out.  They were doing a backstage meet and greet and then would take a mini van in the alley to their local hotel.  When I told him he reminded me of the overly informative Security Guard in Wayne’s World (Chris Farley), he didn’t get it.  Which is stupid, because if you’re the security guard at a concert venue, then why haven’t you seen Wayne’s World?  Not okay, guy.

Then we parted ways.  Young Stevie Nicks went left and we went right.  And we walked right into the Watkins. (Sorry Stevie!) And I creeped in on his conversation about Harold Camping.  And then we talked.  For about 30 seconds.  Here’s a tiny excerpt.


“Sean, when does your new album drop?”  (Kaley, seriously, album drop?)

“Oh, sometime in June”

“I’ll be sure to get it”

“That will be one record sale then”

“Totes Magoats!  … Oh my gosh, I just said totes magoats”

“It’s okay, I’ve said it”

And then we took our picture.  And I let Nick be in it, but I didn’t want to because Sean Watkins and I are secret soul mates.  I guess that last statement is what restraining orders are made of, but if you’re gonna fan girl, you might as well fan girl.  Ya heard?


Then as we walked away, I accidentally poked Sara Watkins and I said “Oh my gosh, I just poked Sara Watkins!” and some girl and in the crowd said “That was so cute!”  Which was weird and endearing at the same time.

And I’ve been smiling non stop for the past three days.  Seriously, just the best.





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