No, I’m not talking about the 2001 ‘N Sync album of the same name.  While Nick and I were traveling back home a Mariah Carey song came on the radio.  You know the one- “Shoo bee doop, dow.  Shoo be doop de doop de dow”  It got me to thinking.  I think if I were a celebrity I would be a lot like Mariah.  I’d have a meteoric rise to fame (because if I were a celebrity, I would be talented).  Then I’d make some terrible career choices, get fat, and have to orchestrate a major comeback.  I also think that if I were surrounded by people who were paid to flatter me, I’d find myself in a mega mansion working out on a treadmill in heels.

I’d like to think I’d look like this if I were a celebrity.


But in reality, I think I’d look a lot like this.


Because if unchecked and supplied with lots of money, my ability to be ridiculous would reach new heights.


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