I really, really wish there were a backspace button in real life for when you say something so totally stupid that you can’t believe your own ears.  So many times I’ve typed something out on the internet and then backspaced my way out of it.  I’ve written blog posts I’ve never posted.  But I can’t go back and make someone forget that really dumb and probably offensive thing that I said to them.

8 years

I don’t even want to post some of the “accidental” insults I’ve thrown at people (even though I imagine they’re pretty funny), just in case they are still nursing the wound and they read my blog.  Mostly, I don’t realize what I’ve said is dumb until later, somewhere in between 2-6 hours, maybe even a full day.  So, here I am, saying if I have accidentally insulted you- I’m sorry.  I’ve recently met a large number of well adjusted Navy wives who are able to make friends instantly and it’s just too intimidating.  So I’ve been doing a lot of “in my head” worrying and thinking and rethinking.  When I found myself relating to the main character in “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” about a teenager admitted into an adult psychiatric ward, I was like “time to get a new mind hobby.”  You should read that book by the way.  And watch the movie.  Super good.

I think I’ll be back on my blogging “A-Game” when the tree pollen count goes down.  I’m currently rendered useless by the amount of mucus in my sinus cavities.


One thought on “backspace.

  1. I am so stinkin’ awkward. I thought I was the only one that replays foot-in-mouth conversations. Seriously…backspace. delete forever. If only our minds could do that! I love your blog.

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