Why doesn’t the house ever STAY CLEAN??


Owen is a tornado of destruction, just dumping everything he can lay his hands on.  Toy bins, bowls of cheerios, the junk drawer.  Maisy Jo has always been handsy, but combined with her newfound ability to crawl,  the capacity to create chaos has increased exponentially.  The cat leaves litter trails all down the halls, the dog leaves wet footprints and hair.

I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.  I can’t even tell you which house chore I hate the most because I hate them all so much.  I think I hate laundry the most, second only to doing dishes.  And those have a way of just getting way out of control if you leave them for even one day too long!  I’m giving the side eye to a basket of unfolded laundry right now.  I put off washing my bed sheets for so long that I was actually relieved when Owen barfed in our bed one morning and forced my hand.

I wish I were domestic like Snow White and I gracefully leapt around my house while Molly loaded the dishwasher with her tail and Twinky dusted the TV console with specialty cat dusting booties.  But in reality Maisy is screaming (not because she’s mad, just because that’s the volume Maisy functions at) from the bouncy seat in the doorway and Twinky is sporadically running up to me to bite my calf and remind me that I haven’t fed her.   Then I yell “Dammit Twinky!!” and hope Owen hasn’t heard me and starts yelling “Dammit Twinky!” in the Church nursery.

I don’t really think I had a point in mind when I started this post a week ago, I just really wanted everyone to know how much I hate doing Laundry.  Can I get an Amen?  YAAAAASSS!!


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