sarcasm. you’re doing it wrong. and also memes.

As a person who spends way to much on Pinterest, I’m often disheartened when I get the sense that it’s been taken over by Disney fanatics, teenage girls, and hateful women with office jobs.

I’m sarcastic.  But I’m not mean. (okay, I’m a little mean, but we’re not going to get into that)  Sarcasm is a condition.  It’s not evil.  It’s not an excuse to be a buttwad and get away with it because “you’re sarcastic.”  No!  Shape up!  The hipster in me wants to never be sarcastic again, if that were even possible.  My inner hipster also stopped me from going to Liberty University because I will WEAR pants if I want to WEAR PANTS!  That’s a joke only my Christian College friends are going to get.

Anyway, since it’s meme monday, I wanted to show you what I mean.

Sarcasm, you’re doing it right:

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Sarcasm, you’re doing it wrong!

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Or is it: Sarcasm, I’m doing it wrong?  No, no.  I’m right.  It’s my party and all that.  If you thought the above memes were right, I hate to break it to you, you’re just mean.  The e-card should read “I’m mean because beating the crap out of people is frowned upon in most societies” and if you’re that sarcastic, people might not like you, because you come off as super mean.  TRUTH BOMB.  So, I guess, Cheer up Charlie!


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