good friday.

It’s Good Friday.  Today is the day that Jesus died on the cross and bore the full weight of God’s wrath for me.  For you.  For us.  Because love.

Wonder.  Awe.

“I freely all forgive”  Jesus is just seriously…  He paid it all.  This song is a little touchy feely for me (black hole heart) but if one can’t be touchy feely about Good Friday then… I don’t know what.

Also, does anyone feel a little awkward after they leave the Good Friday service?  It’s like “Hi, you’re my friend and I like you, I’d like to chit chat, but talk to the HAND because I’m going to silently reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for me as I wrestle my two year old down the stairs.”  So, I kind of just awkwardly half smiled and winked at people.  Because, you know.  Serious time.  Alright, I did slip up.  I did go “WUT UP GIRL!” to my friend and then I realized how obnoxious that was.

Anyway, listen to the songs.


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