Easter Crafts.

On Easter, I like to strike a balance between the Easter bunny and Jesus.

Firstly, Jesus.


I made this straw bunting wreath with a phrase every good Presbyterian knows.  “He is Risen!”  Now you say “He is Risen indeed!”  My budget was initially 10 dollars.  The wreath was $5.50.  The thing that got me were the burlap stick on letters at $4.99 a pack.  I have a lot left for other projects, so that’s good at least.  I bought one sheet of honeycomb patterned scrapbook paper at 50 cents.  Then I got a stem of white poppies and a dahlia (maybe?) for half off each.  I think they came in around 6 dollars.  I went with white because Easter lilies are white and also “What can make us white as snow?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus”  I had some of the twine laying around from some project.

DSC_4994 DSC_4995

I cut out some triangles, glued them to the twine, and stuck on the letters. Then I glued the bunting to the wreath.  Then I glued the flowers on!  How easy is that?  I’m almost embarrassed typing this paragraph for you, it’s like DUH!

DSC_4999 DSC_5012

HGTV Magazine had a little feature where it showed you what to do with decorative Easter eggs.  I tried one suggestion, to mod podge on some fabric, but since I’m frugal I chose Dollar Tree styrofoam eggs.  I had big plans featuring toile, gingham and gold paint.  I had lots of eggs.  Three dollars worth in fact.  This project failed miserably because I failed high school geometry.  I couldn’t get the ovals the correct shape to adhere to the egg without puckering.  Instead of calling the 30 minutes I spent a waste- I threw in some Easter grass, hoping it’s voluminous crinkles would hide the imperfections on the eggs.


Finally, Owen and I made some TP roll bunnies!  Aren’t they cute?!  Owen loves them.


Here they are with all the stuff I used to make them, I’m not explaining it because once again… DUH!


He loved them so much that when I turned my back he dipped them in my chai.  Now they are ombre Easter bunnies.


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