my new couch.

I have been wanting a new couch for many, many moons.  More specifically, I have been pining after a sectional couch.  Do any of you have giant husbands? Mine is.  It’s like being married to a grizzly bear.  More to the point, my bear like husband lays on the couch then I have to sit on the end and I want to lay down because I am as lazy as they come.  I will not sit on the recliner on principle.  I hate it.  It’s leather and cold and generally sucks.  The Navy movers broke it and it reclines by itself even it no one is sitting on it.  Unless we are being haunted by a reclining ghost, in which case, isn’t he persistent to keep moving across the country with us?


Back to this couch business.  I breezed through some lifestyle blogs to read up on the Ikea Blarkblenge sectional.  Oh that’s not it?  Svensvart?  Wait, the Flydflerm.  If my memory serves me correctly we purchased the Ektorp.  People seemed to think it was a great deal for the price (899) and since I really wanted to lay down while watching Dexter on Netflix, I began to break Nick’s will down day by day until he acquiesced.  Yay!  99 dollar shipping and 99 dollars for a WHOLE other slipcover.  I got white and jonbobo (Ikea give me a break!) blue.  Jonbobo blue is Swedish for “Denim.”  Denim went on first.


It’s a scotch more denim-y than I first suspected, but I like it.  It has less depth than our PB couch, but that’s okay for me and a bummer for Nick (remember, he’s a giant man)  The thing that makes me sad about the depth is that I planned on putting more throw pillows on, namely one more, to tie in the blue and coral scheme more, but for now it’s okay.


The cat’s butt in this photo is just a little bonus because I like you.


There’s enough seating for everyone who comes over!  And our house smells like an Ikea!  Here’s the rest of the living room because why the heck not?

DSC_4969 DSC_4966 DSC_4968


Here’s the PB couch hanging in the playroom, we replaced the futon we had in there.  DSC_4963

I didn’t clean up before I took this picture.  Do you think Owen has enough toys?  Can you tell when I put up the second bulletin board that I wasn’t paying attention so it went on crooked…


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