toddler tuesday.

Being two seems super hard.  Firstly,  you suck at speaking English.  No one understands your strangled garble except for your mother and when she has no clue?  It’s over for you.

Self control?  Non existent.  You want what you want.  I feel that.  I also would like to throw fits until I get what I want, in fact, I do that from time to time in my marriage.

Now, Owen has a special self control battle waging war on his little soul every. single. day.  It’s called the dog water bowl- or to Owen- “Mickey’s Pool.”  Owen knows that Mickey and his assorted pals are not allowed to go into the wading pool.  He’s been disciplined (discipline is vague, that’s because I’m good at vagueing it up to bow out of the mommy wars)  for this before, numerous times.  Just so many times.  I finally caught his struggle on film (my grodacious iPhone camera)



There they are.  Longing.  Wishing they could get in the pool.


Have you ever seen such desperation?

After weeks of this struggle I caved and gave him an approved pool.  He’s pretty obsessed with it.  He gets to play with it every night after Maisy Jo goes to bed.


Toddler struggles.


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