So, I’m going to segway from a post about farts into a post about Noah.  I know right?  But that’s just how my mind spins.

Have you seen the preview for Noah with Russell Crow?  Watch it.

Usually when you think of Noah, you’re thinking- “That guy with the beard?  He was like 200 or something?  The way I teach my toddler about animals?”

N Ark Nursery Toddler

Something always felt wrong to me about portraying Noah like that.  Here’s what it says in the bible.  When I watched the trailer for the movie Noah, I felt myself getting chills.  Maybe growing up I thought that I was with Noah on the ark, but time has changed my mind.  I saw myself with the people on the land, the people getting swept away with the flood waters.  People who were depraved and sinning, just. like. me.  What a merciful God I have that he sent Jesus to rescue me from the flood.  That he promised to never send a flood again, that we see that promise in a rainbow?  Are you kidding me?  Are you blown away?  He reached out and put us on the ark, even though we don’t deserve it.  Now instead of seeing a small sunday school story promise when I look at a rainbow I am going to see the promise of God’s great mercies to me, his overwhelming grace in the face of my sin.

So, thanks Hollywood.  God is epic.  Glad you got the memo.  And I love seeing how every story points to Christ.


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