Toddler Tuesday.

Owen had no notable tantrums this week, but he was very very two.  Let me regale you with a story from toddlerhood.

We were outside in the yard…So the italics button keeps coming on randomly since my intentional use in the first sentence, it kind of adds drama doesn’t it? Well, we were outside (seriously italics button?!) And I bent over to pick a dandelion for Owen. He then leaned down and picked up something for me- a big dog turd. “Here mommy!” He said sweetly as a strangled yell escaped my throat. My terminal laziness prompted me to under react so I held onto the hope that he had found a dog poop shaped stick- but no.  nope.  It was poop.

So here’s to being two- and not knowing the proper etiquette for happening upon dog poop in the yard. At least he didn’t eat it. Am I riiiight??


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